PROIDEA from the very beginning is engaged into helping the youngest IT enthusiasts. Till now, we have been helping children by educating them in IT related issues, but now we want to do it in many different ways! That’s why we have decided to support Piękne Anioły Association to  make children much happier!

Why PLNOG4Kids turned into PROIDEA4Kids?

The answer is simple - we want to help more comprehensively! We already have an experience in organizing workshops for children during the PLNOG  conference. Now we also want to help children who need a social help. Piękne Anioły Association raises funds for the renovation of rooms for kids, who live in extremely bad conditions. PROIDEA already gave an example - last week we have finished to renovate the room that brought smiles on three children‘s faces! Take a look at the pictures and see how the room looks right now!

If you have an idea for another supporting action that PROIDEA4Kids can get involved to -  feel free to contact Sylwia Wojtas via